When I was feeling like there was no light at the end of the tunnel with my pre-school son suffering from Global Developmental Delay and debilitating speech and language problems I had the good fortune of being referred to Ellen.
From day one Ellen treated me like an equal, she didn’t talk down or over me like some of the other professionals I had met. Infact the one statement she made to me that I will always remember was ” You will have forgotten more about your child than I could ever learn”
The whole speech and language education wasn’t just aimed at my son. It very much involved me, I learnt so much and such valuable skills to keep helping my son outside of the consultation room.
We thoroughly loved our speech and language sessions, Ellen would go above and beyond to ensure that sessions were fun, interesting and inspiring for both myself and my son. I feel that had we not have had her help my now 12 year old wouldn’t be the happy, balanced and confident boy that he is and she helped me find the fighting strength within myself to get him the best help and services that were available for him. I cannot thank her enough,In my opinion Ellen is the best in her proffesional field.Had our paths never crossed I dread to think what my sons quality of life would be like.