What happens when I contact The Talk Lady?

When you contact me you will be offered a free telephone consultation so we can get a clear picture of the kind of support or service is required.

I will ask some questions about your child’s communication and discuss how I can help.

This includes information about

* When an Initial Assessment could take place

* The fees charged for both Assessments and subsequent therapy sessions.

* If it is appropriate we can plan a course of therapy

* Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly all depending on the individual needs of your child

* Sometimes just one session is enough to give you the reassurance you need to support your child’s speech and language development

Building a Confident Communicator

Speech & Language Therapy Sessions will be based on the findings from the initial assessment and will be tailored specifically to your child’s needs

As a Specialist Speech & Language Therapist I will ensure that each and every therapy session is fun and effective by using a range of games and fun therapy resources to motivate your child and help him / her learn effectively and meet achieve therapy goals. In addition your child will receive activities to try at home between sessions to back up the progress made.

Speech & Language Therapy is more effective when the child is supported by those close to them such as parents, carers and teachers. I can provide home and school programmes, complimentary advice and practical ways that the techniques used in the therapy process can be woven into everyday activities and routines.

What Services can I offer?

At The Talk Lady Independent Speech Therapy I can provide specific support to develop a wide of range of communication skills.

This can involve:

* Assessing and identifying difficulties

* One to one therapy sessions

* Group therapy sessions

* Teaching alternative methods of communication e.g. Signing, PECS

* Training parents and education staff

* Report writing

* Attendance at meetings

* Identifying and setting targets

* Whatever it takes to help your child communicate with confidence