This page gives details of the professional fees charged by The Talk Lady Speech and Language Therapy. If you have just arrived on the website, please do have a look through the site for more information about the range of speech and language therapy services offered by me across East Anglia.

The Talk Lady is usually open for business Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9.00am-5.00pm throughout the year including School Holidays.

Appointments are available in early evenings and weekends by mutual arrangement.

If these hours are not convenient for you, please do email or send a text message and a time can be arranged to talk outside of normal working hours.

Do bear in mind that I am able to visit your child at school while you are at work and feed back to you out at a time that is convenient


Fees for Parents 

The current fees for sessions and other speech & language therapy services are as follows:

Professional Fees

I will discuss and agree the length of the session(s) with you and provide you with a copy of The Talk Lady Terms and Conditions at your first appointment.

It is usually possible after an initial assessment to give you an idea of how many sessions will be required and whenever possible, I will do this. In cases where it is likely that long term therapy will be necessary, we will agree a specific number of treatment sessions and have a mutual review of our arrangements at the end of that block.

Payment and Cancellation 

Payment is requested by cash or cheque or BACS at time of treatment

Notification of a cancelled session must be received by 7pm the previous day or you may be required to pay the cost of the session.

If for any reason I have to cancel an appointment with you this will be done as soon as possible and your session reorganised at a convenient time.

What is included ?

As well as the specified face to face time the session fee also includes all planning, the cost of writing and circulating progress reports and preparation of all therapy materials for home use

Travel Costs 

All travel within a 30 mile return trip to my base at IP14 – free.

Any journeys exceeding this as calculated using AA route finder chargeable at 50p per mile.